Why Does Your Home Need A Mini Flour Mill ?

You’ve been working really hard to achieve fitness goals and stick to eating healthy. That means better quality food and better diets. But the market is flooded with ready-to-cook foods like your chakki atta. Do you truly know where it’s coming from and how it is processed? With packaged flours for example, every brand differs with their quantities of real grain flours. Especially multi-grain flours available in the market. Just spin that pack around and you can see the said values where multigrain constitutes just about 10% of your atta. So, you try an alternative. Buy good quality wheat, millets and grains and leave it at the mill for grinding. But do you know if the same grains were ground? Do you know the wastage? Makes you think, are you really eating healthy unadulterated food. But with a flour grinder machine for home, you can make the farm to table concept a true reality! Keep the domestic flour mill at least 1-foot distance away from any object or wall. It will help for proper ventilation so as to maintain cooling in operations.Yes, simply procure high quality organic grains, millets and spices from reliable stores or farming cooperation. Bring home the Amstrad mini flour mill machine for home and you can get freshly made atta right at home! Fix the metal sieve / jaali and close the chamber door. A. Fix the plastic filter on the container, slide the container below the chamber. Close the chamber and cabinet door. (Filter model)B. Fix the ring properly on container, lock it and attach the cloth to the chamber and close the Velcro properly. (Cloth cover model) Fix the metal sieve / jaali according to the type of grinding. Refer the following table for metal sieve / jaali type.Plz check in bottom Table. Pour the grains in the hopper & close top shutter. Plug in the socket (16 A power supply) and switch on the power button. Domestic flour mill will automatically start and stop after the grinding is done. Open the cabinet door, take out the filter/cloth cover and take the flour out from the container. Once all the grinding is done, clean the mill with the dry cloth or given brush.

So how different is it to mill your own flour at home?
Packaged and readymade flours in the market do go through claimed quality processes of milling, grinding and pulverizing. But many cases have reported that the flour has turned rancid or has insects. Your local flour mill has many bare hands that exchange the grains from one process to the next. So, where’s the hygiene? A mini flour mill machine at home ensures that you are grinding fresh grains and getting clean, pure flour only. Simply load up your grains and millets up to 5 kgs in the hopper of Swaroop techno mini flour mill. And simply get clean and pure flour on a single grinding cycle. And guess what! The double auto cleaning feature in the Amstrad flour grinder quickly cleans the grinding chamber and aluminum filter mesh after the Grinding Cycle. Atta hygienic and machine too remains hygienic.

Did you know maximum nutrients are found in whole grain kernels, in the bran and germ? Buying packaged flours from the store means stripping off the natural nutrients. Plus, brands add preservatives and additional minerals to ‘fortify’ your flour. Buying from your local flour mill or giving whole grains to your local chakki causes loss of nutrition. The atta sits for long hours at the flour mill losing its value and it continues to lose nutrition, even as you continue to store it. Instead, just grind the millets and grains right at home with an Amstrad mini flour mill, to retain the antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber of the natural grain. At home the chances are you’re ensuring the bran, germ and all of it are ground together without any additions. And don’t worry, Swaroop techno Smart i-Sensor System easily controls the feed flow during the grinding process depending on the type of grain. This is especially helpful for the multi grain roti’s your dietician has insisted you eat.

When you are cooking rotis and breads with pure flour you can be rest assured that the taste will be amazing too! Especially when you are grinding your flour with the Amstrad mini flour mill. The flour tastes better simply because the silver plated MS Grinding Chamber grinds the flour with the natural oils of each grain and it comes back into your freshly cooked rotis. Since you are freshly milling it at home, it is ready for consumption and not sitting on a shelf nearing an expiry date. And the taste of fresh flour is simply unbeatable. Another feature of Amstrad mini flour mill that brings out the natural delicious flavours of your spices, grains, and millets is the Microprocessor that controls or monitors the grinding cycle. All you have to do is select a grind cycle, choose the fine-ness quality or jaali you’d prefer for each type of food and let the mini flour mill do its job. Not every millet or grain requires super fine flour, some Indian flatbreads require coarse flour. And Swaroop techno mini flour mill does a fantastic job at delivering high quality chakki atta at your desired consistency.

With grinding flour at home, you control the texture, consistency and bring out the richest quality of atta at your own convenience. The high powered 1 HP ISI marked motor delivers the highest performance for grinding almost every kind of grain and millet commonly consumed across India. With Swaroop techno mini flour mill, you will be milling out high-quality, fresh and pure atta right at home A key factor to the quality of atta is also how it is ground. Regular flour mills heat up the atta upto 40 degrees or more while grinding. At these temperatures during processing, the nutrients of the grain are completely lost, rendering poor quality flour. With the Amstrad mini flour mill at home, you can regulate the temperature of the grinding process. The flour mill comes with an air cooled, high tech filter on the flour container that cools the flour while grinding it. Thus, protecting and retaining the natural nutrients and quality of the atta.

Cost – Efficient
Any food cooked at home and grown at home typically would make for a cost efficient solution. And the same applies to having a mini flour mill at home. From viable quantities of fresh atta to ensuring less wastage and energy efficiency, Swaroop techno mini flour mill makes it the perfect choice for roti – lovers. And an economic solution to consuming fresh breads and rotis daily. Especially if you compare it with ready to cook, over the shelf specialty grain flours.swaroop mini flour mill comes with 8 different sieves that give you various textures from super-fine to broken or coarse flour. Grind grains like wheat to super fine for breads, medium fine for rotis or coarse for a healthy bowl of daliya. Give your year a healthy start with jowar, bajra, and corn flours mixed! Cost efficiency also means less wastage. The Swaroop techno mini flour mill is designed with an in-built vacuum cleaner that collects the flour, ensuring maximum cleanliness and minimum wastage. And all this at a power consumption of just 0.75 units per hour. A mini flour mill at home is easy to operate and efficient in delivering high-quality flour for daily consumption. Follow the Amstrad handy guides and get live demos at home to learn how to mill your own flour at your own time and convenience. Grind dals, rice, wheat, millets and spices all pure and unadulterated. Enjoy better tasting food, nutritious food and build healthy habits with a flour grinder machine at home. Amstrad makes healthy living and healthy eating easy and accessible. Time to get started with your healthy lifestyle. Time to Get Real. Get Swaroop techno

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