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Welcome to STC Swarooop

Atta Chakki Manufacturers, Atta Chakki Suppliers, and Dealers in Pune, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Bangalore, India.

Life Banaye Aasan.

STC Swaroop aims to provide flour mill machines that are easy to handle and maintain, have low power consumption, and are highly durable. Our team of skilled Atta Ckakki Manufacturers focus on supplying different types of flour mills with the best market prices.

STC Swaroop is top-rated Atta Chakki Providers Company in Maharashtra in terms of quality, manufacturing standards. Flour is an integral part of every kitchen. Considering this, we have been offering very useful and captivating "Domestic Flour Mills," which will definitely help the customers, mostly housewives. Pandemic edified us hygienic lifestyle. Each and everyone is becoming health conscious and paying extra attention for well being of our own family.

STC Swarooop domestic flour mill provides you with the extra edge of pure flour. Which helps to get rich nutrients and other necessities for your daily food intake.

Come..let’s start for a new healthy life..bring home "STC Swarooop"


STC Swaroop Atta Chakki, a trusted name in the field of manufacturing flour mills for domestic and commercial use, with years of experience, caters to the needs of each home kitchen. Our manufacturing team's aim is to provide the best-quality, most reliable flour mill products that meet the requirements of our customers in food processing machinery.


Our aim is to provide the best domestic flour mill in Maharashtra and to become the best service provider with customer satisfaction, delivering amazing service to each and every customer. We will work closely with the farming community, helping them to improve both the output and quality of flour mill manufacturing. Our huge variety of products are available.

Grinding Capacity of Atta Chakki Machine

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